Commercial Cleaning

Taking pride in our work
so you can get on with yours

Pride of Place

We help you have real pride in your workplace.

Sparkling clean and safe workplaces that save you time, help you to enjoy your work and get on with your working day.

We provide smarter cleaning that gets better results.

Walk into a better, cleaner, hassle-free workplace with Orenda Property Services

How do we do it?


We approach every job with a proactive attitude focussing on what works best for the customer and the layout of their commercial space.

We take pride in our flexibility using our itemised approach which will ensure you have a scope of services and costs that meets your individual needs.

Invest in people

At Orenda we’re big believers in the importance of growing nurturing your number one resource, your staff.

We form long term relationships with our people to develop and provide them with not just a job but a career road map to progress towards owning their own business.

This means your cleaning is carried out by motivated, engaged and productive cleaners who take pride in their work and giving you better results.

Reliability and accountability

We understand that peace of mind and certainty is key when cleaning your office.

Fair and transparent

We’re willing to be transparent with open book approach to pricing to ensure value for money.


We appreciate that cleaning is a people business and at times things happen that you can’t anticipate such as when cleaners get sick or a family emergency.

While some companies might pretend otherwise, we embrace the situation and employ our nimble, regionally owned teams to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure your office receives the same standard of clean regardless of the situation.

Invest in innovation

Whether it’s a steam mop or the latest in new window cleaning equipment, we’re constantly looking for smarter ways to deliver cleaning tasks by doing more with less.

Not satisfied with the status quo or standard industry delivery, we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to offer you a better smarter, healthier office cleaning service.

Some of our valued clients: