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Customised solutions
and transparent pricing -

We’re flexible and approach every job with a proactive attitude focussing on what works best for the customer and the layout of their commercial space. Using our itemised approach we can price up separately every space in your office – large or small. No job is too complicated for us and that way you have a scope of services and costs that meets your individual needs. What’s more we’re willing to be transparent with an open book approach to pricing so you can see for yourself
how costs are calculated.

People first
and pride in place -

We appreciate that cleaning is a people business and the standard of service delivery is reliant on individual’s commitment to the job at hand. That’s why at Orenda, we are big believers in nurturing our biggest resource, out staff, helping to grow them and offering them a path to owning their own business. That way you end up with a service delivered by motivated, engaged and productive cleaners
who take pride in their work.

Reliability and
accountability -

We understand that peace of mind and certainty is key when cleaning your office.

Invest in
innovation -

Whether it’s a steam mop or the latest in new window cleaning equipment, we’re constantly looking for smarter ways to deliver cleaning tasks by doing more with less. Not satisfied with the status quo or standard industry delivery, we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to offer you a better smarter, healthier office cleaning service.

Our Services

  • Contract Cleaning
  • Common areas
  • Bars, cafés & restaurants
  • Offices
  • Body corporate
  • Windows
  • Interior, frames & blinds
  • Exterior up to 3 levels
  • Sliding, stacking & tracks
  • Floors
  • Strip and polish
  • Carpets
  • End of Construction
  • New builds
  • Interior fit-outs
  • Exterior washes
  • Plaster dust removal
  • Rubbish removal

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