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We believe you should be provided real time information about what’s going on with your cleaning contractors at your office, or worksite.

With Dragonfly you will always know what’s actually done on the job, where the cleaners are and what time they started and finished. If there’s an issue Dragonfly will report it instantly so that it can be resolved quickly instead of just being swept under the carpet. What’s more as your “eyes and ears” we can help you meet your obligations under the new Workplace Health and Safety Work Act.

That’s why we’ve bought to market a real time communication tool that cleans up a lot of your potential issues with:

  • Live tracking of the cleaners – know exactly where, when and what they’ve cleaned
  • Customisable checklists for each client or site – get exactly what you’ve paid for
  • Automated job reports with completed tasks – no more second guessing
  • Real time notification of any issues noticed – got a loose door hinge for instance?
  • Health and safety monitoring to help you meet your obligations under the new Workplace Health and Safety Work Act
  • Before and after photos if the job requires

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